stolen glimpses

Each day you wake is a different day – the same constant view greets you, but the everchanging light and climate determines the mood and shades.

I find myself snapping the same shot time after time bemused by its change – be it softened by mist and cloud or blinded by intense sunlight.

Life is too short to seek bleakness – the world throws up grief and despair endlessly – but I see grace and beauty in all things from the the daily necessities of food and life to the expanse of nature.

A sighting , a click of a shutter, a frame in time – a stolen glimpse …
I step onto my tip toes to steal a glance …


Stolen Glimpses is a collection of photos that interpret my love of life and places, together with some words by my partner Robert – its a reflection of how I perceive the everyday. Photos are my visual dialogue, they are my narrative and possibly when I take lots of moody dark photos, its a reflection of my own feelings that day. Its precisely that light that stirs stillness, calmness and a different beauty to life- this is what I particularly like to capture, those quiet moments especially as life around us is so hectic.And so Robert and I decided to collaborate on a beautiful art book to celebrate the time we have been living and traveling together. It includes more than 150 of my pictures from the last decade, as well as a series of accompanying and specially written atmospheric pieces by Robert.

Stolen Glimpses has been made as a hardback edition limited to just 200 copies. Each book is numbered and signed by both ourselves and features a selection of images from all around the world linked by a sense of serenity, sensitivity and place. Faithfully reproduced in full colour and printed on high quality art paper, the book is traditionally sewn in sections and is fully bound in cloth. There is a trace loose protective cover, linen cover and printed endpapers. The first 50 copies also have enclosed a special print exclusive to the book – this is an archival signed print – the image taken from the endpaper depicting dead strewn flowers. Once the 200 copies have been sold, there will be no more further copies available in this format.

This is a self published project aided with the production of Hurtwood Press.
Photographs by Christina Wilson
Words by Robert Elms
Hardback, 144 pages, 285 x 225mm
Launch date 20th October 2016

To accompany the book there will be will be a selection of prints available to order, either framed or just as the print. These again are in small editions and in several sizes.

September 2017  Stolen Glimpses has just been shortlisted for the photographic category of the British Book Design Awards. 

Where to buy

You can buy copies of the book from Tidy Street Store Brighton, Bronwen Whittaker framing Tufnell Park, and from from Circus Brixton Village,  Darsham Nurseries   and Vanil Woodbridge Suffolk  and Paul Smith Mayfair shop.   You can also buy direct from myself.

There are 3 alternatives

Purchase option A A signed book £50
Purchase option B A signed book plus 10 assorted folded art cards, images from book £75
Purchase option C  A signed book plus  exclusive signed print, first 50 copies of book £125

If you wish to choose an image from the book as the signed enclosed print instead of the endpaper, this is possible at £140.

for further information please contact Christina Wilson  
“Some books really are like their covers, and Stolen Glimpses is among them. The enigmatic cover of this beautifully bound book is as alluring as Christina Wilson’s photographs of the everyday joys we so often ignore.”
Alice Rawsthorn, author of Hello World: Where Design Meets Life.

Signed prints

Exclusive signed print enclosed within book –  the print will be one of the three colours and actually forms the endpaper of the book.

end papers-220x285mm-RGB Teal end papers-220x285mm-RGB copy end papers-220x285mm-RGB Brown
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Images and sample pages shown are for visual purposes only

Hear more

you can listen to an interview with myself and Jo Good about the book on BBC London (13 – 30 mins) 
you can also listen to Vanessa Feltz and her thoughts about the book on Radio 2 (first 10 mins) 


Photography places include

Lots of people have asked where the pictures were taken, so here is the list with page numbers.
Page number and place of photograph taken

1 Liverpool
6 Hurley Berkshire.
8 Havana
9 Jamaica
10 Havana
11 London
12 Jamaica
13 Havana
14 Padstow Cornwall
15 Havana
16 Berlin
17 London
18 Venice
19 Havana
22 Vejer de la Fronterra Andalucia
23 Vejer de la Fronterra Andalucia
24 Tankerton, Kent
26 Buenos Aires
28 London
29 Antigua, Guatamala
30 Seville
31 Guatamala
32 London
33 Southwold, St Agnes Cornwall
36 Whitstable
37 Venice
38 Lake Atitlan Guatamala
39 London
40 Venice
41 Somerset
42 London
43 Mexico
44 Copenhagen
46 Vejer de la Fronterra Andalucia
47 Vejer de la Fronterra Andalucia

50 London
52 Havana
53 Havana
54 London
55 Hastings
56 Dungeness, St Agnes
57 St Agnes
58 El Palmar, Andalucia
59 Dungeness
60 Vejer de la Fronterra Andalucia
61 New York
62 Vejer de la Fronterra Andalucia
63 Vejer de la Fronterra Andalucia
64 Dungeness
68 Vejer de la Fronterra Andalucia
69 Venice
70 Kew Gardens
71 London
72 El Palmar Andalucia
74 Cabo de Trafalgar Andalucia
75 Gloucestershire
76 London
77 London
78 Jamaica
80 Tokyo
81 Marrakesh
84 Mexico
85 Lake Atitlan Guatamala
86 London
88 Padstow Cornwall
89 Kyoto
90 Chichicastenango Guatamala
91 London
92 Kyoto
96 St Agnes Cornwall

97 London
98 London
99 Buenos Aires
100 London
101 London
102 Frenchman’s Cove Jamaica
106 Cartagena Colombia, Cadiz, Margate
107 Canos de Meca Andalucia
108 London
110 London
111 London
112 Padstow, Marrakesch
113 London
114 Venice
115 London
116 London
117 London
118 London
119 El Palmar Andalucia
120 Cornwall
124 Venice
125 Havana
126 Havana
127 Havana
128 London
129 London
130 St Agnes Cornwall
131 London
132 Vejer de la Fronterra Andalucia
133 Havana
134 London
135 Santa Lucia Andalucia
136 Copenhagen
138 Aix-en-Provence