Qigong is a gentle but powerful form of movements that cultivates life force energy; the practice combines fluid, slow circular movements, together with stillness, breath and visualisations to  bring harmony, balance and calmness to both mind and spirit.

The smooth flow of movements builds strength, grace and well being while gently toning the whole body and brings renewed energy with each practice.  Its origins are from the ancient Chinese masters, its roots derived from Daoist and Buddhist traditions passed down through centuries and is practised by all ages.

Christina likes  the poetic visualisations drawing on nature and the animals to further her practice remembering the wonderful anecdotes her mother used to raise her.

Her class is suitable for all ages and abilities, but she suggests that you start gently and use about 70% effort, to avoid any unnecessary pain, and if you have any injuries she can offer alternative movements. Just take the movements to your own limit and no way  should you feel any pain.

Her belief is that little by little, like tending a garden, your strength and flexibility will grow to nourish and enlighten your spirit.  Think of it as a moving meditation  – Qigong calms and soothes the mind allowing you to feel less stressed and able to cope with any daily tribulations.


Always on a learning journey, Christina has  practised yoga and pilates over the past 30 years and has recently discovered Qigong.  Her  classes are her daily practice that she wishes to share – showing you the wonderful health benefits to mind and body.  She attributes all her knowledge to her teachers past and present. so a big thank you to Hilke Tiedemann, Erika Tourell, Yalckun Abdurehim, Maika Klaukein, Aaron Collins Thomas, Katie Bridle, Mimi Kuo-Demeer and James Rafael.

Disclaimer  Remember that although yoga and qigong is for everyone, it is up to you as an individual to assess whether you are ready for the class that you have chosen. If you suffer from a specific injury or are managing a condition please remember it is your responsibility to decide if you should practice. If you feel pain or discomfort please stop.

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